WildBlue HOA Fees – On Us!

Incentive Details

Welcome to Your Dream at WildBlue – Embrace the Luxury You Deserve!

As you consider your new home in our prestigious community, here are some important aspects of our special offer we thought you’d like to know:

  1. Exclusive Offer Just for You – HOA Fees, Covered: Enjoy your first year in WildBlue with quarterly HOA fees on us. It’s our way of welcoming you to the community!
  2. Partnership and Trust – Working Together: To avail this offer, we’ll be teaming up! I’ll be your dedicated real estate agent, guiding you every step of the way. The executed purchase agreement or executed contract must have Renee Malachowski, P.A. or Jose Malachowski, P.A. listed as your agent. If you register with a new construction builder, be sure to bring us with and list us as your REALTOR on the registration form on your first visit to the builder.
  3. Transparency in Transactions – A Fair Deal: The seller’s commissions paid to our broker must be $17,000 or more before we apply the HOA fee credit.
  4. Understanding the HOA Fees – What’s Included: We cover both your regular monthly recurring Master and Community HOA fees for a year, up to a maximum of $8,000. Covered fees do not include one-time fees, CDD, special assessments, and other specific charges.
  5. Seamless Process – Ease of Transaction: Our commitment is to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for you. Should there be any challenges with direct HOA payments, rest assured, we will arrange for the credit to be applied at closing or via the most suitable alternative method.

    Important Note: In instances where external constraints – be it from lenders, builders, or legal restrictions – prevent us from providing this credit, we regret that this offer will be considered void. We prioritize transparency and adherence to all contractual and legal requirements in every aspect of your home purchase journey.

  6. Maintaining Commitments – Full Commission Assurance: If for any reason, full agent/broker commissions aren’t paid, the HOA payment offer becomes void.
  7. Staying Informed – HOA Fee Calculations: We calculate your HOA credit based on current rates at closing, not accounting for any potential increases post-closing.
  8. Limited Time Offer – Timely Decisions for Closing the Deal: To take advantage of our ‘HOA Fees On Us’ incentive, we kindly ask that your purchase agreement or residential contract be executed by July 30, 2024. Additionally, the closing of your home purchase in the WildBlue community must occur by November 30, 2024. This timeframe ensures you can fully benefit from this exclusive offer while allowing us to manage the promotional period effectively.
  9. Exclusive Incentive Offer: This incentive offer at WildBlue is being offered by Renee Malachowski, P.A., Estero Bay Group and Jose Malachowski, P.A., Naples Bay Group, Premiere Plus Realty, and is not to be construed as an offer directly or on behalf of any builder, developer, HOA or agent/broker other than Jose Malachowski, P.A. and Renee Malachowski, P.A.
  10. Non-Applicability of Offer for Referral-Based Leads: Please note, our special promotional offer at WildBlue is not applicable in scenarios where your introduction to our services is through an external realtor or referral entities such as Realtor.com, Upnest.com, or others. In cases where we are obligated to pay a referral fee for a client introduction, this incentive will regrettably not apply. This condition is in place to ensure the sustainability of our promotional efforts while honoring our commitments to professional partnerships.
  11. Disclaimer and Release Agreement for ‘HOA Fees On Us’ Promotional Offer at WildBlue: To ensure everything is transparent and understood, we’ll provide a Disclaimer and Release Agreement form. This form is just to confirm the details of the incentive and to follow up once you’ve received the benefit. We’re here to make this process smooth and enjoyable for you.

Your New Chapter in Paradise Awaits!

We believe these guidelines help ensure a smooth journey as you step into the luxury and tranquility of WildBlue. Our Estero Bay Group real estate team is here to assist with any questions and to make your transition as seamless as your expectations. Welcome to the lifestyle you’ve earned!

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